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Fact Sheets

We have compiled a range of fact sheets to provide you with relevant information and assist you in your journey towards parenthood with Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Donor Insemination Fact Sheet.

Semen Analysis Fact Sheet.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Fact Sheet.

Sperm Health Fact Sheet.

Endometriosis Fact Sheet.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Fact Sheet.

Tips to Boost Fertility Fact Sheet.

Zika Fact Sheet.

Male Fertility Fact Sheet. 

Step by step guide to getting started

Glossary of terms


Patient Information Booklet

Rainbow Fertility has an online portal with a downloadable information booklet in PDF format. This booklet is a valuable resource and should be regarded as an educational tool to learn more about fertility. To access Rainbow Fertility’s online portal, please click here.





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