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Rainbow Fertility is proud to announce the opening of our new full-service fertility and IVF clinic in Miranda, Sydney.

Our clinic offers advanced and progressive fertility care, with a dedicated and experienced team of fertility specialists, beautiful consulting rooms, and a purpose-built IVF laboratory designed to maximise pregnancy outcomes.

Our Miranda clinic also offers the LGBTI+ community the latest in fertility treatment and our empowering care, gives our patients the chance to build a loving family of their own.

Combined with a local expert medical team and partnership with City Fertility and global leader CHA Medical Group, the new clinic expands our network of Australia’s world-class IVF clinics.

Rainbow Fertility Miranda will be serviced by dedicated specialists Dr Andrew Zuschmann and Dr Amani Harris.

Dr Andrew Zuschmann understands every family-building journey is different and is proud to offer care to all couples and individuals in the LBGTI+ community wanting to build a family, either with their partner or with the help of a donor or surrogate. With 24 years’ experience as a doctor and 16 years’ experience as a specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Zuschmann utilises his extensive experience and knowledge to guide his patients throughout their journey towards parenthood.

Dr Amani Harris is dedicated to giving her patients the best chance of achieving their dreams of parenthood through exceptional patient care in a safe and supportive environment. She combines her wealth of knowledge and advanced surgical skills to tailor individualised treatment plans to suit each patient’s circumstances. Her extensive specialty training, particularly in endometriosis and fibroids, reflects her passion for the complementary benefits of minimally invasive reproductive surgery and fertility treatment.


Rainbow Fertility Miranda offers:

As the first dedicated fertility and IVF service provider in Australia to cater exclusively to the LGBTI+ community, we welcome and support people of all sexes, sexualities, and genders to realise their dream of building a family.

For your convenience, the consulting rooms of our team of dedicated fertility specialists are located at 331 Port Hacking Road, Miranda, NSW 2228. Please note all fertility treatment procedures will be carried out at Kareena Private Hospital where our IVF laboratory is located; which is also within walking distance from our specialist’s consulting rooms.

To find out more about Rainbow Fertility Miranda, including IVF payment plan options available contact our friendly staff on 1300 222 623.


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