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If you’re ready to embark on your journey to parenthood and need the help of a sperm donor to fulfil your dream of having a baby, the answer could be a swipe away with the Addam Donor Bank app.

At Rainbow Fertility we are proud to operate in partnership with Addam to assist all LGBTI+ couples and individuals on their journey to building a family.

The launch of the app is the first of its kind in Australia, equipped with one of the largest databases of available donor sperm across the country with more than 100 registered donors from a diverse range of ethnicities and backgrounds.

At Rainbow Fertility we have witnessed a substantial rise in demand for donor sperm in recent times, predominantly from LGBTI+ couples but also from single women and individuals/couples with infertility issues, which has been the push behind the creation of Addam app.

The goal of the Addam app is to relieve the pressure of finding and choosing a sperm donor for individuals and couples by simplifying the process, making it easier for you to get started. Addam is reflective of the present social scene where apps offer efficient and effective ways to engage with services and brands of interest.

Available now in both the App Store and on Google Play store, the free mobile app offers free donor search functionalities providing users with a unique, engaging and easy-to-navigate experience. The Addam app gives potential recipients the ability to filter details such as eye colour, height and ancestry, allowing users to search and select sperm donors based on their favoured criteria. With a mere swipe to the left or right, potential recipients can refine their shortlist with ease.

After selecting their preferred donors, potential recipients can register online to access the full profiles of the donors before narrowing down the profiles to a shortlist of three candidates. By accessing the donor’s full profiles, those seeking donor sperm are enabled to have better insight into personal traits as well as family and medical history.

Once app users have submitted their shortlist, an appointment is booked with a specialist at Rainbow Fertility to explore treatment options.

There are many benefits of using a registered sperm donor through a service such as Addam or Rainbow Fertility. These  include:

  • Understanding the donor has completed counselling and comprehends the consequences and legalities of being a donor, including no legal rights to the child
  • Knowing the sperm is quality checked
  • Detailed medical screenings being undertaken to eliminate any communicable or hereditary diseases
  • An isolation period for the sperm donation is imposed which is shadowed by an additional medical screening of the donor
  • A threshold is enforced on the quantity of children that come from each donor

Following the selection of donor sperm, Rainbow Fertility will guide recipients through the subsequent stages on the way to parenthood.

The fertility treatment options using donor sperm include Donor Insemination (DI) or In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

To learn more about Addam Donor bank please visit their website, or contact their friendly staff on 1300 0 ADDAM.

For all other enquiries, we welcome you to contact Rainbow Fertility on 1300 222 623 or via an enquiry form.

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