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Now over three years since launching, Rainbow Fertility continues to grow and deliver tailored fertility and IVF service for same-sex couples, having already helped over 74 of couples/individuals experience the joy of parenthood.

The many success stories over the past three-plus years are a testament to the need and value Rainbow Fertility delivers to its patients.

We have had the joy of helping so many achieve their parenting dreams, including a gay couple who became parents to a lovely baby girl with the sperm donated by one of the fathers, the egg from a sister and the pregnancy being carried by another sister. We have also assisted lesbian couples to become parents through partner-IVF, in which one partner donated her egg and the other partner carried the pregnancy; allowing both partners to be genetically linked to the baby.

The Rainbow Fertility service provides tailored advice on family options specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people.

Our patients can be confident in the knowledge that all Rainbow Fertility specialists and staff believe in the clinic’s philosophy, that everyone should be free to experience the joys of parenthood if they wish to and we carefully tailor our service to their needs, not someone else’s.

We understand that rainbow families can sometimes encounter confusion and misunderstanding from others and hence our Rainbow Fertility centres aim to bridge this gap, by providing easy access to qualified counsellors, information and support services tailored to their needs.

The fertility treatment options delivered by Rainbow Fertility include donor insemination, IVF, donor egg and sperm programs, fertility preservation (egg and sperm freezing) and surrogacy services.

At Rainbow Fertility, patients are treated with compassion and the utmost respect from day one. They will choose their own specialist, who will get to know them and be with them throughout their journey, ensuring continuity of care.

If becoming a parent is something you are considering then contact our Fertility Advice Team on 1300 222 623 or visit their website www.rainbowfertility.com.au for more information. Alternatively, come along to our next free information sessions.

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