Pre-IVF fertility testing rebate in New South Wales

Claim your fertility testing rebate

Are you struggling to fall pregnant or to carry a pregnancy full term? If so, couples in NSW can take advantage of a government rebate to help them try to understand the cause of their fertility problem. The rebate is part of a four-year initiative that helps subsidise out of pocket expenses for pre-IVF fertility testing.

If you have incurred out-of-pocket costs for eligible fertility tests after 1 October 2019, you can apply for a one-time rebate.

Note: For applications made after 1 January 2023, the rebate amount is $250, regardless of when you undertook the tests.

The one-time payment can be claimed following a GP or specialists request for four key tests including: an Anti-Mullerian Hormone test (ovarian reserve); a pelvic ultrasound; an ovulation test; or semen assessment.

Here is a little more about what these tests are looking for in relation to your fertility:

  • Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test: This blood test is used to predict your ovarian (egg) reserve. The AMH is a hormone produced by the ovarian follicles that contain eggs. The amount of AMH gives an indication of the number of eggs being produced (or ovarian reserve).
  • Pelvic Ultrasound Scan: This scan is performed to check the uterine cavity or pelvic anatomy in some cases. The ultrasound looks for any uterine abnormalities such as fibroids or polyps that may be affecting the menstrual cycle. Additionally, this scan also measures the woman’s ovarian reserve and any abnormalities of the ovaries such as ovarian cysts.  
  • Ovulation Test: this test is performed to determine if a woman is ovulating. This involves the review of a women’s hormone profile to establish this.
  • Semen Assessment: A semen assessment evaluates the amount and quality of semen and sperm. Sometimes called a sperm count, it tests motility (movement), morphology (shape), count and vitality (ability to live and endure) of sperm. A sperm count is also often known as a Seminal Fluid Analysis.

The results of these tests may help you to understand the causes of your fertility issues (whether simple or complex) and help to set you on the right treatment path to achieving pregnancy success sooner rather than later.


To apply you must:

  • be a woman
  • be a resident of NSW
  • have received fertility treatment from an accredited ART provider
  • have received eligible fertility treatment(s) from 1 October 2022
  • be claiming out-of-pocket costs not reimbursed by another government program or rebate, such as Medicare.
  • Can’t have received treatment for the sole purpose of fertility preservation

Note: Service NSW acknowledges people in the transgender community, or who are non-binary, may receive fertility treatment but may not identify as women.

For more information visit: the Service NSW website.


$2000 IVF Rebate in NSW

Roughly 12,000 people undergoing IVF treatment in NSW will be able to claim a $2000 rebate as part of the $42 million “Affordable IVF initiative” as announced by the NSW Government in May. Find out more here.


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