Partner IVF: a step-by-step-guide to getting started

Guide to Partner IVF for Lesbians

A frequent concern that couples have when trying to conceive through IVF is that the other partner can feel excluded both physically and biologically. This is where Partner IVF comes in.

Why partner IVF?

Partner IVF is a type of IVF for couples that enables both partners to become physically involved in the conception of the baby. In this option, one partner provides the eggs, which are fertilised with donor sperm, and the other carries the pregnancy. The beauty of partner IVF is that each partner gets to both experience childbearing and have a biological connection to the child.

How do we get started?

Make an appointment for an initial consultation with a fertility specialist by calling our advice team on 1300 222 623.

Please ensure you have a referral from your general practitioner to one of our accredited fertility specialists. This way you will be able to claim some of the consultation cost back through Medicare.

What does the process involve?

Outlined below is a guide to the steps involved before and during the treatment process.

Before treatment:

  1. The very first step is to choose a sperm donor, who can be either known or clinic-recruited (unknown). For help in choosing the right donor option for you, visit our donor program page.
  2. If you choose to use a known sperm donor, he will be required to undergo a series of routine medical assessments, screening tests, consent forms and counselling; before you can proceed.

Alternatively, if you choose to use clinic-recruited donor, you and your partner will proceed to undergo a series of tests, counselling and information sessions.

  1. Before treatment can begin you and your partner will also be required to have a series of routine blood tests, attend counselling sessions and information sessions with one of our fertility coordinators to discuss your treatment plan. Once the final review of your tests, counselling reports and consents are complete, treatment can begin.

Treatment process

  1. Both partners begin a process of synchronising their menstrual cycles by taking the oral contraceptive pill.
  2. The partner who is providing the eggs will also take medications to stimulate their ovaries and promote the growth of follicles, which contain the eggs.
  3. While the ovarian stimulation process takes place, the partner who will carry the pregnancy takes medication to support the development of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) in preparation for embryo transfer.
  4. Once the ovarian stimulation phase ends, eggs will be retrieved from one partner and fertilised with the donor sperm to create embryos.
  5. Embryos are transferred to the partner who will carry the pregnancy. (Embryos can also be frozen for future use if a couple decides they are not ready to conceive just yet.)
  6. Fourteen days after embryo transfer, a blood test is carried out on the carrying partner to determine if pregnancy has been achieved.

For a detailed insight into the IVF treatment process visit our IVF page.

Important things to consider

There are many important things to consider and decisions to be made if you are thinking of starting a family using Partner IVF as a means of conception.

Key things to consider include:

  • Decide who will carry the pregnancy
  • The type of sperm donor – known/clinic-recruited (unknown)

If using a known donor:

  • The quality of the sperm if using a known donor
  • The role of the donor in the pregnancy and the child’s life if a known donor
  • The known donor’s willingness to donate for more than one child
  • Whether the known donor wants to be known to the child
  • If the known donor has a partner then the role of the partner in the arrangement

Pricing and payment plans

All patients are unique, have different medical histories and as such different treatment requirements, therefore your treatment plan is always tailored to meet your needs as an individual or couple.  For detailed information on treatment pricing, visit our page on treatment prices.

All patients are provided with an obligation free quote* prior to their IVF treatment.

*The quote provided is an estimate based on your current treatment plan and is subject to change, without notice, in accordance to the changes to your plan throughout your treatment.

If your treating specialist is able to diagnose medical infertility, Medicare rebates can be claimed for Donor Sperm Artificial Insemination and IVF cycles. Without a diagnosis of medical infertility, the cost of treatment will not be eligible for Medicare rebates.

Rainbow Fertility offers several payment plan options for IVF cycles. These payment options are only available for Rainbow Fertility fees and cannot be used to pay for external provider fees such as the hospital, anaesthetist, pharmacy, and specialist fees.

The payment plans available to choose from are as follows:

  • No up-front payment plan
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Instalment payment plans
  • Accessing superannuation
  • Full up-front payment

To learn more about these options, please visit the Payment Options page on our website.

If you would like to find out more about our payment plans, or to discuss the treatment options available to you, just give our friendly team a call or send us a message in confidence.

Call: 1300 222 623




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