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We have created a section of frequently asked questions to help you in your journey towards parenthood.

Can we reserve extra vials of donor sperm from our selected donor for future children?

We are able to allocate one vial per treatment. Once a pregnancy has been confirmed, you may be able to reserve additional vials from the same donor if available. This is discussed in more detail with your fertility coordinator.


Can we use donor sperm from another state?

Yes in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland providing they meet state Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) legislation and regulations. In Victoria, the patient must make an application to the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) and must meet state legislation and regulations. This is discussed in more detail with your fertility coordinator.


Can I use an international sperm bank?

  • In Victoria, you can only use our local clinic-recruited donor sperm.
  • In New South Wales you can purchase from Fairfax sperm bank or use our local clinic-recruited donor sperm.
  • In South Australia and Queensland, we have a selection of international (Xytex) donor sperm and local clinic-recruited donor sperm.

This is discussed in more detail with your fertility coordinator.


Does our known sperm donor need to have his sperm quarantined?

It is Rainbow Fertility policy that sperm from a known donor is quarantined for three months and the donor is to be rechecked for significant transmissible infections to avoid the possibility of an incubating infection at the time of gamete collection. Exemptions to this can be discussed with your clinician.


What information can you provide about the sperm donor?

You will be provided with a profile of the potential donor(s) consisting of non-identifying details such as physical characteristics, ethnicity, interests, education and career, to help you select the donor that is right for you.


Do you offer Partner IVF?

Yes, we can support Partner IVF in all our clinics.


Can you provide us with donor eggs?

Yes, the clinic offers an egg donor program to help couples or individuals in their attempt to become parents; however, by sourcing your own, a known donor treatment can potentially commence sooner.


How long can I freeze my eggs?

10 years; however, in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, extension beyond 10 years requires approval from the clinic. In Victoria, a formal written request must be sent to the Patient Review Panel (PRP) for approval.



At Rainbow Fertility, our specialists have extensive experience in helping create LGBTI families. Feel free to contact our friendly team to learn more about the fertility treatment options available to you.

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