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We have created a section of frequently asked questions to help you in your journey towards parenthood.

Can you provide us with or help us find a surrogate?

Rainbow Fertility cannot assist in the process of finding a surrogate. Intended parents (people wishing to become parents through surrogacy) must find a person willing to be a surrogate themselves; however, it is illegal to advertise for surrogates or for a person to advertise that she is willing to become a surrogate.


Is legal advice required when considering surrogacy?

Surrogacy laws differ between states. The intended parent(s), the surrogate and her partner (if applicable) will be required to organise separate appointments to obtain independent legal advice. The intended parent(s) and surrogate must obtain advice from separate legal advisors. Rainbow Fertility requires copies of the written surrogacy arrangements, which will be reviewed by our internal surrogacy committee (Patient Review Panel in Victoria). Your family lawyer will be able to discuss this information in depth with you.


Can our egg donor also be our surrogate?

This depends on state legislation. In Victoria, traditional surrogacy is not permitted. (When surrogate also provides the egg).


Is surrogacy accessible in all states?

Yes, but please consider that each state has different legislation in regard to surrogacy, for example:

  • In Victoria, traditional surrogacy is not permitted.
  • In South Australia, surrogacy is permitted only for the commissioning parents who are legally married or in a registered relationship; or have lived together continuously in a marriage-like relationship (irrespective of their sex or gender identity) for a period of three years.

Therefore, we encourage you to discuss your options with your fertility specialist and refer to your own state Surrogacy Act for more information.


Do you offer sperm freeze?

Yes, this is offered in all clinics. The number of deposits required will vary for each person. Storage is for 10 years; however, in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, extension beyond 10 years requires approval from the clinic. In Victoria, a formal written request must be sent to the Patient Review Panel (PRP) for approval.


Can you provide us with donor eggs?

Yes, the clinic offers an egg donor program to help couples or individuals in their attempt to become parents; however, by sourcing your own, a known donor treatment can potentially commence sooner.



At Rainbow Fertility, our specialists have extensive experience in helping create LGBTI+ families. Feel free to contact our friendly team to learn more about the fertility treatment options available to you.

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