At Rainbow Fertility, we believe everyone should have the chance to be a parent, at a time that’s right for them. As a gay man, whether you’re in a relationship or going it alone, we can help. Family building for gay men involves several crucial people. Besides you (and your partner if you have one), you’ll need an egg donor, and a surrogate to carry the pregnancy. They may be the same woman, or two different people. Some gay men in relationships find a female family member to donate an egg, which is inseminated by the non-related partner’s sperm. This means both fathers have a genetic connection to the child.

Surrogacy arrangements are a sensitive issue in Australia. And while we can’t help you find a surrogate, our dedicated counsellors and staff members can offer support throughout your journey. In the interests of all concerned, all surrogacy arrangements made by clients will need to be approved by our independent committee and comply with other compulsory requirements before treatment can begin.

Male Fertility

Male Fertility

To father a child through surrogacy and egg donation, your reproductive system must be functioning properly. Select one of the options below to learn more about the factors that affect fertility.


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