What makes Matildas’ soccer player, Michelle Heyman tick?

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We caught up with Matildas’ soccer player and Rainbow Fertility ambassador Michelle Heyman before she left for the Rio Olympics this month, and asked her a few questions about being an athlete and potentially a parent one day down the track.

What has driven you to become an elite athlete?

Winning! I have always been competitive. My mother told me that from a very young age I had to win no matter what it was, whether running to get the mail, climbing trees or running races. I had to be the best, the quickest and the smartest. So I was driven at a young age to be me, and my dream was always to be a professional athlete.


What are your tips for following your dreams?

NEVER GIVE UP! You will never get what you want if you give up. So always stick with it. Nothing comes easy, and all the best things in life are hard to reach.


What are you most excited about at the Olympics?

I have wanted this since I was a little girl. My dream was to win a gold medal. Now it is my shot to actually make my dream a reality and that is what excites me most. Reaching my dreams.


Would you ever like to be a mum one day?

I would love to be a mum one day. Hopefully my partner is all for carrying our child/children…hehe.


If so, do you think your child would be a soccer player?

Of course! Soccer helped me become who I am today. Without it I am unsure of who I would be. Everyone needs soccer in their life!



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