Family Considerations for Gay Men

Gay man holding hands 300x200Being gay doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joy of parenthood. There are options available for gay couples and single gay men looking to start a family.

Surrogacy is one option and it refers to an arrangement whereby a woman (the surrogate) agrees to conceive, carry and birth a child for the intended parent/s to raise. A surrogate can assist gay couples or single gay men in their efforts to become parents. However, surrogacy is a highly complex process.

Gay singles and couples should explore the following questions when considering surrogacy to start or add to their family:

  • Do you or your partner wish to have a biological connection to your child by providing the sperm or do you wish to use donor sperm?
  • Would you prefer to use a donor egg (gestational surrogacy) or for the surrogate mother to use her own egg (traditional surrogacy)?
  • Would you prefer to use a known or unknown egg donor?

Before going ahead with fertility treatment, please consider that each state has different legislation in regard to surrogacy, for example:

  • In Victoria, traditional surrogacy is not permitted.
  • In South Australia, surrogacy is permitted only for the commissioning parents who are legally married or in a registered relationship; or have lived together continuously in a marriage-like relationship (irrespective of their sex or gender identity) for a period of three years.

Therefore, we encourage you to refer to your own state Surrogacy Act for more information.


For more information on surrogacy options for gay men visit our page Surrogacy



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