Are you hoping to have a baby this year?

chinese new year

As we soon farewell the Year of the Dog and welcome the Year of the Pig (5th February), you will be pleased to know that babies born during the new Chinese year are said to be born with envious blessings and wealth.

According to Chinese astrologers – those born under this sign are optimistic, positive, and open-minded. They know how to take action, be fair and tolerant, and are endowed with a soft and moderate spirit. These positive personality characteristics make them have a grateful heart and it is easier for them to have a stable and happy life. They are thought to often bring wealth to their families too. In Chinese culture, pigs are the symbol of wealth and their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well.

If you are hoping to have a baby this Chinese New Year here are a few tips on how you can improve your chances:

  • Don’t stress: It is important to ensure you have adequate rest and relaxation. Let go of all daily non-essential activities and concentrate on your own well-being first.
  • Be healthy: Following a sensible diet and exercise program can help boost your reproductive health. Having a healthy BMI is important too.
  • Reduce toxins: Stopping or minimising things like smoking, alcohol and caffeine is wise.
  • Take fertility boosting supplements: Increasing folic acid (women) and zinc/antioxidant (men) supplements is recommended.

We offer patients a personalised approach and the full range of fertility services including  fertility treatments and preservation to donor programs, donor insemination, IVF and surrogacy. There are now more options than ever for gay, lesbian, transgender and intersex people wanting to build a family, and have a biological connection to a child.

We also deliver a continuity of care to patients who see the same specialist throughout their journey with us; we have proven success rates; and world-class laboratories led by highly experienced scientists.

With extensive medical and emotional support, our fertility care is free from judgement. Whether they’re specialists or clinic staff, our dedicated team understands the needs of potential parents and commits to compassionate and inclusive care that treats you as an individual.

If you’d like to find out more about our fertility services, or discuss the options available to you, just give our friendly team a call or send us a message in confidence.

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